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Long lasting partnership with our partners
Our partners are critical to the success of our company and expect them to demonstrate the highest level commitment, quality & leadership – attributes we strive to achieve in everything we do. We believe only by working together with our suppliers we can optimize our entire value chain and be able to secure a distinct competitive advantage in the future. For the reasons mentioned above, we have adopted a holistic, company-wide supplier-management approach which will help us in building long term, mutually beneficial relationship

Supplier Management aims at organizing, controlling, and development of supplier relationships. Supplier Management is based on four interlocking modules, through which uniform sourcing, evaluation, classification and development of suppliers is achieved.
Our Goals of Supplier Management are
The management of our suppliers, based on the total cost of the Ownership
The concentration of purchasing volume on the best suppliers
The decrease in purchasing costs and increase in supplier performance
The improvement of co-operation
The optimization of the entire value chain in collaboration with our suppliers
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 Material We Procure
1 Asbestos materials 
2 Bags 
3 Bearings 
4 Castings 
5 Ceramic Materials 
6 V belts 
7 Couplings
8 Other Chemicals
9 Electrical Cables 
10 Electrical Consumables 
11 Electrodes 
12 Fabrications 
13 Fastners 
14 Filters 
15 Flanges 
16 Gases 
17 Gaskets 
18 Hoses & hose fittings 
19 Instrument items 
20 Insulation materials 
21 Rolling products 
22 Lab Consumables 
23 Lamps, Luminaries  & Fittings 
24 Low volt Switch gear items 
25 Lubricants & Greeses
26 Mechanical Consumables 
27 Oil seals and rings 
28 Packaging materials 
29 Pipes & pipe fittings
30 Refractories
31 Safety PPEs 
32 Salia Bamboo
33 Sealings & jointings 
34 Structurals 
35 Machining items 
36 Tools & Tackles 
37 Tyres & Tubes 
38 Valves 
39 Fuels 
Dear Sir,
Vedanta Aluminium Limited and Sterlite Energy Limited set a goal to IT enable entire service ordering and payment processing systems. For supply all of our partners already use vendor information portal to receive day to day information  
I am pleased to inform you that from 1st June onward you will follow SOP provided below to enable us to serve you better and to provide transparency with regards to your service bills
* Please send your Service Bill and necessary documents directly to the following address :
Vserv Shared Service Center 
Vedanta Aluminium Limited 
Expansion site office plant 2 
Jharsuguda 768202 
Odisha, India 
* In case you want to hand-over document personally please drop your service bill documents in drop box available in Plant2 in-front of Security reception
* Within 2 business day you will receive one Unique acknowledgement Number ( Case Id) to your registered email address.Please ensure that you hace a valid email address registered with us. The detail will also be updated in Vendor portal. You can track the bill on-line with reference to the case-id
*For  Login into the Portal, use vendor portal User Id, Password. If anyone do not have Id, Password, please contact our vServ call center +916645666777 Vendor Helpdesk Team.
* The Vendor Portal Link is
* For HR Clearance you  can submit your hard copies to our HR representative
* In case your bill is in hold by our Hr, Security, Safety, Technical representative,  the status and reason will be updated in your portal and you will receive e-mail for the same
* If hold is due to insufficient documents, then vendor has to submit the additional documents and drop them in the drop box as above. Please note that all such additional documents must carry the Unique Acknowledgement Number issued to you against submission of original bills. Documents without UAN will not be entertained and company shall not be responsible for tracking the same* If Hold due to any other reason, then you can contact to the respective area in-charge the contact number will available in the portal
* Once your bill is cleared by all concerned (TECHNICAL, HR, SAFETY, SECURITY,APPROVING AUTHORITY) ,payment process will start
I sincerely hope that you will join me and help us reach our ultimate goal – A WORLD OF TRANPARENCY. Thank you for your support and cooperations
Umesh Mehta
Chief Commercial Officer
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